Origin Story


Perhaps I should begin with an introduction. My name is Dalton. I am a storyteller.

Synonyms for the word storyteller include liar, teller of tales, and narrator. I prefer the latter of the three. After all, any good story worth telling does not need embellishment and telling tales implies a moral to the story that I am drastically under-qualified to dispense. No, I am a narrator.

My goal is to become a Photojournalist, to narrate the world’s stories through image, audio, and text. I want to create something beautiful and intriguing.

This site is titled Single Lens Reality because every person sees the world through their own single lens; I want to remove my personal lens and see the world through as many different views and vantage points as possible by exploring and enhancing my photography, writing, video, and audio skills.

Thank you, for joining me on this quest. Please click over to the blog or my portfolio to see the action!

I hope you enjoy!